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We'll get back to you soon with some ideas!  In the mean time, feel free to take this little quiz:

Is RentAShed Right for You?

Take this little quiz and find out if you should:

  • 1) Buy a Shed
  • 2) RentAShed or
  • 3) Rent a Self-Storage Unit
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  • 1) Where do you live?

    Single Family Home

  • 2) Do you own or rent?


  • 3) How long do you plan to stay at your current residence?

    Less than a year
    1-2 years
    2 years or more

  • 4) How do you feel about consumer debt?

    I hate having consumer debt
    I have a home equity loan that I use for large purchase
    I love it! I have 5 credit cards and they're all maxed out!

  • 5) How do you feel about your credit score?

    I don't care
    I'm cautious... I don't want too many inquiries
    I have good credit, and I don't mind using it if it gets me better purchasing terms

  • 6) How do you handle long term obligations?

    I'd sign a 30-year mortgage without thinking twice
    I'm okay with short-term obligations, but I could never marry for life!
    I'd panic if I had to sign a 2-year lease on a house!

  • 7) How much cash do you have?

    A lot of cash
    Just enough for a comfortable reserve
    Very little

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